Disney’s reboot of Aladdin

Enrique Baltazar, Reporter

Walt Disney Studios recently released a teaser trailer for its new and upcoming live action movie Aladdin. The trailer opens up with a wide shot of sand dunes and it brings you closer until you see men riding camels as a shadow of a bird flies over them. It follows up by transitioning into a shot of the kingdom, Agrabah, with the shadow of a bird flying over the kingdom. We then see the bird flying into the night sky as it soars over Agrabah. The bird flies up and shuts back down landing at the cave of wonders opening with Jafar, Aladdin, and Abu. We discover that the bird turned out to be Iago, Jafar’s evil sidekick. The trailer progresses and it cuts to Aladdin walking into the cave of wonders. The cave closes and shows you all the treasures inside. By this point, Aladdin is about to grab the magic lamp and when he is about to, the screen turns black, ending the trailer.