NETFLIX busy adding new shows to its lineup

Rebecca Escamilla, Reporter

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Netflix has been adding a lot of new shows lately, and also removing some shows. “What shows or movies have been added?” you ask. Here are some new shows or movies that netflix has added in the past week.

Here are some TV shows that Netflix has added news seasons to or have been added to Netflix. “Narcos” New Episodes, “Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light”, “West Coast Customs” New Episodes, “Prisoner Zero”, “Love Through a Millennium 2”, “A Boy Named Flora A”, “All About Love”, “Men on a Mission”, “Toast of London”, “A House of Blocks”, “Chef & My Fridge”, “Maniac”, “Abnormal Summit” New Episodes.

Now the list of new movies that have been added to Netflix. “Hotels for Dogs”, “Madre”, “Desierto”, “Rembat”, “Gold”, “What Happened to Monday”, “The Polarman”, “Offline: Das leben ist kein bonuslevel”, “The Outcasts”, “Cop and a Half: New Recruit”, “The Sweet Life”, “Be Afraid”, “The Black Room”, “The Drowning”.

These movies and TV shows are from different genres. From Comedy, Horror, Thrillers, Action & Adventure, to international movies–these are all of the new arrivals or additions that have come to Netflix in the past week.

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