Hulu Vs. Netflix – Which is better?

Gavin Kale, Reporter

Hulu and Netflix are both companies that stream television shows and movies. They are loved by many and have made a lot of money. To find someone who hasn’t used Netflix or Hulu is quite a rarity. But which is better, money wise and what they provide to the users? First I am going to start with Netflix, then move onto Hulu. I own both apps, so I know how they are.

Netflix, which is more well known than Hulu, was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. For $8 a month, you can watch Netflix. Netflix has produced great originals like 13 Reasons Why, Orange is the New Black, Trailer Park Boys, and Stranger Things. Netflix is going to get some attention this October, because of its season 2 of Stranger Things, which has been teased during the Super Bowl. It also has non-originals like Johnny Test, American Horror Story, Family Guy, Futurama, and The Office. For one person to watch Netflix, it is $7.99 a month. For two people, it’s $9.99 a month. For four people, it’s $11.99 a month.

Hulu’s CEO is Mike Hopkins. Hulu has no originals that I know of ( and believe me, I looked ). They do however, have a more wide variety of shows. They have stuff like Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Brickleberry, and more. Hulu is owned by Amazon, which offers Amazon Prime for $99 a year. With Amazon Prime you have access to Hulu. It’s a pretty good deal, as you get Hulu and free two-day shipping when you order something off of their website.

In conclusion, both Netflix and Hulu are pretty darn good. They have TV shows and movies that you can watch.  I think Netflix is better. It has more shows that I like than Hulu does. Sure, others can have a different opinion.