Thespians have another great musical coming your way

Chantz Horton, Reporter

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   The 2017 school year has been the year of plays. We have seen amazing plays come from the drama club this year. The upcoming Spring play will be one to remember. The name is The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The basic overview goes as such: Putnam County is holding their annual spelling bee, and as always many kids are participating.  This story tells their adventure through the spelling bee with each participant having their own story. Whether their story is good or bad they interact with one another. This play records how that all happens.

     The characters in this play are very open to the audience. Throughout this play everyone will be able to connect to at least one character in some way. Many of the characters have the same issues in life we have such as parental issues, no faith from family, know it all, etc. These characters are pretty much ordinary people going through life trying to make just like us. These characters have the same life problems as you and I, and we can likely learn something from it.

    This is going to be a play everyone will remember. Not only will we we connect to it, it seems like we will love it. This play for the 2017 will be emotional for all the participants as many of them are seniors and will be taking their final bows at Colton High School. 

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