Owner of El Burrito restaurant sits down for interview

Angel Oliveros, Reporter

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The owner of the Colton restaurant, El Burrito, has allowed the Pepper Bough to conduct an interview. Cybil, the owner, took the time out of her day for some questions and answered them gladly.

PB: Are you from Colton?

Cybil: No, my family is. My grandma and grandpa were the first to graduate.

PB: How long have you been in Colton?

Cybil: Twenty years.

PB: Do you have any other relatives from Colton?

Cybil: Aunts and uncle. My grandma and grandpa went to Colton High School.

PB: Are you an active member of the community?

Cybil: I’m a member of the Chamber.

PB: What class are you?

Cybil: Ninety-three.

PB: What high school did you attend?

Cybil: Aquinas High School in San Bernardino. It’s Catholic.

PB: Were you in any extra-curricular activities?

Cybil: Soccer, Key Club.

PB: What is the most satisfying thing about living in Colton?

Cybil: Owning a restaurant.

PB: What gave you the idea to start your business?

Cybil: My grandpa started it in 1957.

PB: Would you say your business is successful?

Cybil: Yes, it’s been here over fifty years.

PB: Why Mexican food?

Cybil: My grandpa loved it.

PB: Who came up with the recipes?

Cybil: My grandpa.

PB: What are your specialties?

Cybil: We hand-roll our tortillas and everything is made from scratch.

PB: Do you think you’d ever add to the menu?

Cybil: We did when we bought the place, my sister and I. It’s small so we can’t add much.

PB: Do you ever plan to further expand your business?

Cybil: Yes, working on it right now.

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